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With the all-in-1 comparator for internet, TV and calling you get a clear overview of the subscriptions that suit you. Fine, because with a subscription that suits your needs you can save a lot. Up to $ 200 per year even. Do not know whether your subscription is in line with your calling, TV and internet behavior or consumption? We tell you what you can pay attention to.

Television, internet (and calling) with one provider

Take internet, television and (optional) telephony in one package and therefore with one provider. That is often cheaper than closing everything separately (and at different providers). Handy, because you only have an invoice. But also cheaper because you only have to pay shipping, administration and / or connection costs once. With the use of the best internet marketing in singapore this is very important now.

Light, normal or heavy: what do you need?

Light, basic, standard, normal, heavy, plus the name of a subscription probably say enough. In TV, calling and internet subscriptions you have different ‘gradations’. Do you mainly watch base channels, do you use little internet and do you barely call? Then it would be a shame to go for a very extensive subscription with a heavy internet connection. No need for anything and therefore a waste of your money. With us you can use the handy filters of the different parts to indicate what you want to consume. This way you can easily find a suitable subscription.

ADSL, VDSL, cable or fiber?

ADSL, VDSL, cable and fiber. It is all four connections that ensure that you can use the internet make calls and watch TV. The difference is in the price, availability and speed. ADSL is often the cheapest, but not as fast everywhere. With a postcode check you know how the ADSL connection is at your address. VDSL is the successor of ADSL and is usually faster, but sometimes slightly more expensive than its predecessor. Then there is cable, a slightly more expensive connection, which is always fast enough. The disadvantage of this is that there is often only one provider per address. There is also fiber. This connection is the fastest, but not yet available everywhere. You can also check this by zip code. Which connection you choose depends on the availability of the desired internet speed. Also you will have to keep an eye on the good at ecommerce website design.

Select Mb / s for required internet speed

The faster you want your internet, the more Mb / s you need. You often pay more for this. It’s a shame if you have a heavy internet connection, while you actually only send some e-mails and check social media. With a light connection you then have the same amount of surfing fun. At less cost. The internet speed you need depends on the number of devices you use on the internet. What do you need? Mail and surf just a bit with one device, then light is good (up to 20 Mb / s) enough.