Electric Vehicle Buying Tips

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More and more drivers are thinking about buying an electric car. What you need to know when choosing an electric car and what questions you need to ask yourself

In Ukraine, the electric car is no longer a wonder, and some models have become familiar. Especially in this succeeded the most popular electric car Nissan Leaf. This “train” is sold by dozens of dealers, various “shades of gray”, and you can buy it both new and used.

Also, sometimes you can find BMW i3, Tesla, Renault Zoe, Fluence, Twizy, Chevrolet Volt and Mitsubishi i-MiEV and a couple more rare models.

Despite tax breaks, a wide selection and a fairly good price (for some second-hand models), electric cars are not yet being bought in bundles in Ukraine, although their market share is growing year by year.

For comparison: in Norway last year, sales of electric cars have already exceeded one third of the total auto sales. This is already 39.3 percent of all new registrations. But Ukrainian drivers are skeptical. Relatively short distances, poor charging infrastructure and high prices for new cars make the purchase of an electric vehicle relatively unattractive. Plus, more rumors about the problems of operating an electric vehicle in the winter.

But is skepticism true?

Let’s see what needs to be considered and what to look for when buying an electric car.

First you need to answer for yourself a few questions, then the picture will become clear:

  • Why am I buying an electric car? For daily commuting to work, home, or it’s a weekend car;
  • What is the daily route I do? The maximum mileage, which is declared by the manufacturer to ride on a single charge should be at least one third more than your daily;
  • Do I often deviate from the daily route after work?
  • How many passengers are with me? From the increase in the number of fellow travelers decreases mileage on one charge;
  • How much do I like to drive a car? The expense of the driver temperament: the more you drive, the faster the battery is discharged. Notice, usually electromobiles move a little slower in the flow than others – they just keep charging in the battery.
  • Do I know where you can charge your electric car? You need to clearly know where on your route you can recharge the battery. In large cities, there are already places where separate areas are set aside in parking lots with a socket for electric vehicles. Usually, these are supermarkets and gas stations. In Western Europe, the outlet can be found on almost every pillar.

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